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About Marissa Fasanelli

Problem Solver

There is no cookie-cutter approach that I propose. Every problem is different and together we will find the correct research solution for your question. I've studied multiple techniques so that I can choose and apply the correct methodology to your unique question.



Finding answers to your questions starts with asking more questions. However those questions have to be curated with the right methodology in mind. I write questions with a narrative in mind so that conversations, interviews and surveys flow seamlessly. When looking at data, I'm asking questions to see if there are deeper relationships within the data that lead to an impactful actionable insight. From writing questions, to looking at the data in different ways, being curious is my craft. 



Your brand has a story, shouldn't your research? Memorable stories create impact within an organization and my goal is to create an impact through research. I will look at the research and dig deep to find the "why". I promise that I will craft a narrative which will influence your marketing strategy and change the way you think about your customers or products. 


I received a M.S. in Business Analytics from the Darden and McIntire joint program at the University of Virginia and a M.A. in Survey Research from the University of Connecticut. My undergraduate degree is in Psychology from the University of Virginia.

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