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Market research and UX research are my passions, which combine to build insightful understanding. I’ve been working in the industry for over 8 years and have amplified my skills through two Master's degrees, one in Survey Research and one in Business Analytics. This combination creates a stronger approach to the discipline of gathering, communicating and applying market research insights. I uncover actionable insights and communicate persuasive stories with the goal of improving the relationship with the customer. Let's work together to find strategic opportunities inspired by the customer and create growth for your company.

Methodological Tool Box

Qualitative & Quantitative Research | Sampling Methods | Survey Writing | Survey Programing | Discussion Guide Creation | Moderating | Brand Equity Tracking | Metaphor Elicitation | Ethnography | Shop-Alongs | Copy Testing | A/B testing | Social Media Listening | UX Research | Card Sorting | Customer Experience Journey Mapping | Persona Creation | Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter | Regression | TURF Analysis | Conjoint Analysis | Max Diff | Segmentation | KPI Creation | Tableau | Google Analytics | Google Optimize | SPSS | R |

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